Elon Musk appears to have revealed his holdings of Bitcoin (BTC) by participating in the crypto community’s efforts to educate Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling about Bitcoin.

J.K. Rowling: „I don’t understand Bitcoin, please explain it to me“
In response to a request from Rowling for the Twitter community to explain Bitcoin, Musk stressed that „the massive issuance of currency by the government’s central banks is making the Internet money, Bitcoin, seem solid by comparison. Musk added that:

By the way, I still have only 0.25 Bitcoin.

Tyler Winklevoss responded by asking: „So how are you going to pay for things on Mars?“

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Elon Musk claims he has 0.25 BTC
However, not everyone was convinced by the amount of Bitcoin Trader Scam, The News Spy Scam, Bitcoin Storm Scam, Crypto Investor Scam, Bitcoin Evolution Scam that Musk claimed to have, and the self-styled crypto investor Alistair Milne responded: „This is called OpSec, something all Bitcoin owners should learn… Too bad I lost all mine…“

The Twitter account with the handle @Bitcoin sought to describe the main benefits of Bitcoin in terms that Rowling might find related:

Wizards still need to trust Gringotts Bank. Bitcoin solves that.

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Musk sells the house but clings to Bitcoin
Musk’s claim of 0.25 BTC suggests that he chose to keep his supposedly small stash of Bitcoin despite „selling off almost all physical possessions,“ according to a series of strange tweets released in early May.

Musk also indicated last year that Tesla „could go into mining.